An interactive robot
for every audience

Robopresenter @ Events

a robot presenter to engage every audience


A robot presenter provides an engaging presentation customized towards your organization and communication style.


Interactive quiz-elements allow for audience participation and makes the presentation more engaging.

Presentation portfolio

RoboPresenter co-starred the opening of the 2016 EU Cyber Security summit together with Dutch State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff.

Video courtesy of the Twitter channel of the ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie.

RoboTutor for schools

a robot teaching assistant for classrooms
An interactive robot in every classroom

The RoboTutor platform provides a personalized teaching assistant that interacts with pupils and assists teachers. The RoboTutor helps to prepare children for life in a robot society and teaches them computational and algorithmic thinking. Programming becomes very visual and intuitive when coded actions are directly executed by the robot.

RoboTutor at the Summerschool SamenTien+ Den Haag.
For more examples of RoboTutor deployment at schools, have a look at

The Team

different backgrounds and experiences, united in a shared passion for engineering interactive robots
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Koen Hindriks

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Joost Broekens

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Joachim de Greeff


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