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Robot Interaction in three simple steps

Robot Interaction Engine

Interactive Robotics is developing a Robot Interaction Engine, using cognitive technology. With robots quickly becoming more able to assist us, human robot interaction is the next big challenge that needs to be solved for robots to successively enter into our society. Robots not only need to perform tasks for us but need to do so in a way that makes sense to us.

This requires robots with the social intelligence to understand us, robots that have natural interaction capabilities to talk with us, and robots that are able to adapt to us. Our Robot Interaction Engine enables you to quickly develop interactive scenarios for your robot application. Whether it’s a care robot or a robotic teaching assistant, Interactive Robotics’ solutions deliver an optimal interaction with people.

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Robot Interaction Engine features

Easy creation of interactive scenarios

Use convenient interfaces for creating your own interactive scenario. Ranging from simple graphical interfaces that allow even children to create their own scenarios to more advanced interfaces that enable robot developers to program more sophisticated scenarios.

Smart scenarios with cognitive technology

Enhance your interactive scenario by providing your robot with cognitive skills that make the robot remember you, allow the robot to reason about what happens, make the right decisions, and understand and respond to natural language phrases.

Robot presence through alive technology

Make your robot lifelike by enabling it to express emotions, react to things that happen, track people, and navigate socially. Alive technology keeps people engaged with your robot.

Intuitive interaction via multiple modalities

Create intuitive interaction with robots through familiar interfaces, and support interaction with robots using e.g. speech, touch, vision, tablets, and smartphones.

Easy connection through the cloud

Execute interactive scenarios that you build with our Robot Interaction Engine from the cloud. The Robot Interaction Engine enables robots as a service anywhere, anytime, and for every audience.


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Lead Developer

Jurjen Brouwer

Cloud Robotics Engineer

Martijn Folmer

Human-robot interaction

Tamara Koopmans

Robots for education specialist

Joachim de Greeff

Co-Founder / Advisor

Koen Hindriks


Media appearances & Portfolio

RoboTutor at schools

The RoboTutor platform provides a personalized teaching assistant that interacts with pupils and assists teachers. The RoboTutor helps to prepare children for life in a robot society and teaches them computational and algorithmic thinking. Programming becomes very visual and intuitive when coded actions are directly executed by the robot.

We have been working and/or are currently working with the following schools:

Have a look at for more information (in Dutch).

Video courtesy of the Twitter channel of the ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie.

RoboPresenter at events

A robot (such as the Pepper) can provide an engaging presentation customized towards your organization and communication style. We can provide fully customize robot behaviours to spice up your events.

We have provided a robot at events for the following clients:

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